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Transforming Care

Automated workflows and notifications. Early warning of  graft rejection.Enabling adherence and improving outcomes.


What is GridSenseHealth?

GridSenseHealth is a digital platform created for organ transplantation centers.

It automates workflow and helps manage electronic submission of forms and reports. Built-in support for all of the solid organ transplantation protocols. State of the art secure cloud and mobile access. It is fully HIPAA compliant and supports HL7 conforming third party integration.

The snapshot below shows comprehensive menu options covering all the major phases of patient care and related tasks.

Transplant Center Actions

Manage Patient Data

  • Easy and ongoing integration of  data
  • Pre-populated data entry forms
  • Comprehensive data validation
  • Automated capturing of historical data
  • Pre-configured progress notes
  • Measure and monitor recovery trends’
  • Longitudinal patient data analysis

Automated Reporting

  • Quick and easy standard  reports
  • Generate reports in printable format
  • Automated delivery of reports
  • Automatic submission of listing forms
  • Unlimited queries to locate patient data
  • Define your own program specific reports
  • Locate specific patient details quickly

Instant and Secure Access

  • Comprehensive e-mail capability
  • Online collaboration and consultation
  • Shared dashboards and alerts
  • Revision control and  audit log
  • Hosted in highly protected cloud
  • Access using web or a smart phone
  • Role specific access rights

How does this help?

For Doctors

Improved efficiency Easy update of all of patients’ lab results Automated tracking of patient assessment Enumeration of surgery risks Improved surgeon-physician communication Graphical view of key markers Comparative analysis of recovery trends

For Coordinators

Ease of creating reports Weekly updates of patient status Smart listing management Error-proof data entry templates Automation of standard reports Auto-delivery of patient forms Generate special reports

For Patients

Completeness of care All your data will be secure in one place Access your treatment details anytime Stay in touch with your doctors Be part of your recovery process Quick graphical view of key  trends

GridSense Health Supports Critical Phases

in Organ Transplantation.

  • Capture patient history and assessment details
  • Integration of all patient’s data
  • Automated assessment tracking
  • Priority waitlist by blood group
  • Intelligent Listing Management
  • Automated reports
  • Recipient registration submission
  • Electronic pre-op and post-op checklists
  • Enumeration of surgery risks
  • Store organ pictures
  • Fast-track op notes with pre-populated choices
  • In-patient progress notes using an mobile Apps
  • Surgeon-physician online collaboration
  • Generation of discharge notes
  • Ongoing integration of lab reports
  • Comprehensive patient dashboard
  • Quick graphical view of key markers
  • Alerts on abnormal trends
  • Comparative analysis of recovery trends of patient cohorts

“All this sounds great. How do I protect my best practices?”

One concern we hear from hospital authorities is “Our team of doctors  have painstakingly evolved best practices for best patient outcomes in our center. We expect you to customize product around these best practices.  Will you then  pass these  on  to other users of GridSense Health?

Our answer is an emphatic  NO, have no apprehensions.

In each of our engagement, we start with a blank slate. We start by collecting  details of how the centers runs its program. We study the  data, the workflow and the reporting needs. Risk scores, completion measures or alert thresholds, each is designed uniquely. The complete solution is built on the fly and delivered exclusively. Each centers’ best practices continue to remain its own guarded property.

“Ok, great, how do we get started?”

It is quite simple and fast really, a matter of week or two. Our team of experts will plan a visit to your center. They  will understand your requirements and deliver a working system that caters to your most pressing needs. We will work with you to expand the scope of work over a few iterations. Here is a typical cycle of decisions and action to get started.
As you start using the systems many things that did not seem possible earlier will now seem obvious. You can add data from other sources such OT monitoring and ICU monitoring devices. We will work with you iteratively to accommodate your growing needs. You could define new workflows,  make new types of queries, add new risk scores and dashboards.

User Stories

 This is how users are finding GridSense Health to be useful.

“I need to respond to  my transplant patients quickly, as delays in changing medicines can increase the risks of rejection or infections.”

Maintaining right  levels of immunosuppressants for a transplant patient is a  important. Using the GridSense Health app on my iPhone, I can react to may patients fluctuating LFTs or changes in Tac level instantly. My patients send me latest labs using their smart phones and I get immediate notification on my iPhone. No time lost in managing my patients’ health, and best still, it is all well recorded. ”

Senior Transplant Surgeon

“I can quickly  complete the surgery notes and all the complex decisions are recorded right from the OT using my iPhone.”

Completing Operation Notes in time is a big compliance requirement.While paper forms are quick and easy to fill in, data on paper is data dead. Now my surgery notes are in digital format, I can analyse data and its a ready knowledge bank for the entire transplant team.

Senior Transplant Surgeon

“When was the lowest creatinine level recorded in last one year?”

Maintaining right  levels of immunosuppressants for a transplant patient is a precarious task.For a patient who already has  compromised kidney function the risk is even higher. Hence the the above question.Getting answers to such questions is effortless now. No need to flip through old records. Saves time, improves accuracy!

Senior Transplant Surgeon

“How many patients on the waiting list have completed the assessment ?”

The process of assessment is long and needs to be followed diligently. It is important to know the status of patients’ assessment.  Using GridSenseHealth it is a one click task. It used to take so much longer earlier when I had to scan the recent e-mails and text messages and go back and forth to see what tests were pending ?

Recipient Coordinator, Organ Transplant Center

“How many  patients could not be transplanted while on wait list?”

There are a number of patients who do not find an organ well  in time.  We need to know the number of patients whose condition is deteriorating fast. They may not remain fit enough  for the surgery. Using GridSenseHealth, the coordinator can pull out a comprehensive dashboards quickly and regularly. It helps us improve care for such patients.

CIO,  Large Corporate Hospital

Pricing Plan

Our pricing model is fine tuned to fit your specific needs and budget. GridSense Health is offered to transplant centres as a modular solution. Each module is created to exclusively support a distinct solid organ transplantation protocol, such as liver, kidney, lungs or heart. Hospitals  may opt to license the solution for a single module (single protocol support) or may invest in distinct multiple modules.

A  multi-organ, multi-installation, multi-location version could also be configured for large corporate hospitals with back-end integration.

The charges will depend on how many modules you select as well as and on where you want to host it. Let us know your preferences on the following parameters and we will revert to you with estimates.

Please write to us at with your specifications for customized a quote.


We have been presenting our thoughts on the challanges in liberating data from the paper and

the value of patient data analytics that can then be unleashed from many different platforms.

About US

GridSense Health is specialized solution created by Metamagics Computing Pvt Ltd.

Metamagics is a technology R & D company dedicated to data and computing algorithms.

Our Focus

We have created an innovative solution that builds semantic maps from ad-hoc data.Our technology consists of tools that enable data discovery, data exploration and data visualization. GridSense Health leverages our core technology engine GridSense,  which is a patented invention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a system of patient data management so that data are liberated from paper.  The support for SNOMED CT is embedded  in our applications. Using our deep data insight tools we help our users see data in its connected and inferred context. This technological edge helps us deliver better solutions in the domain of patient care and patient data analytics.

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